Presentation Guidelines

The IEEE M2GARSS 2022 technical consists of poster and oral presentations delivered virtually, and consisting of a short pre-recorded video presentation and live Question-and-Answer period with the audience and session chair

  • Live Oral Presentation
    1. Allocated 15 minutes.
    2. Presentation should be made in real-time LIVE in a Zoom-based virtual room (i.e. by sharing the screen) from the website.
    3. The first 10 minutes is for the authors' live presentation; and the remaining 5 minutes is for live Q&A.
    4. All oral presenters will need to send a 10-minute video presentation as a backup before the conference.
  • Poster Presentation
    1. Allocated 5 minutes.
    2. No live presentation, but a video played by the session chair.
    3. Live Q&A of 10 minutes after every batch of 4 video presentations.
    4. All poster presenters will need to send a 5-minute video presentation before the conference, otherwise the paper will be considered a no-show.
  • Your presentation will be made available only to registered Symposium attendees for a limited period of time.